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UPDATE 11/12/14

The following statement may add some validity to this information.

"We will announce pricing next month, but it will be close to the previous car considering it will have more standard equipment.



Mark Gillies"

At launch VW have stated all Mk7s are to include the DSG ($1300), 19" Cadiz wheels ($900), and Dynamic Chassis Control ($800) as standard equipment. This also does not take into account the major increase in power and performance. Considering the Mk6 R cost $36,500, the previously-reported price of $39.090 on the Mk7 Golf R seems right.

A 'Dubs Forum poster, who possibly has an unhealthy penchant for roof-mounted bike racks and a proclivity for skinny jeans, made a discovery. He found an Easter egg on VW USA's newly-released 2015 Golf R web-site:


While prices are not to be released officially until the Nov 19 LA Auto Show, a quick peek at the source code (which was recently removed by VW, apparently) by the hipster hacker revealed the price to be $39,090.


Was this an intentional inside job? Oh well...in typical VW fashion the site is as vague as a Scientology informational meeting.

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